carla duarte

Connecting “Interior and Exterior” through Concentration & Breath                                                                     Theme:

Connecting “Interior and Exterior” through Concentration, Breath, & RepetitionTheme:  

Questioning Spatial Relations by being Attached as well Blind FoldedTheme:  

Questioning Spatial Relations by Walking within Different Areas of SpaceTheme:

Performing Identity through Materials, Repetition of Labor, and EnduranceTheme: 

Performing Rituals of Identity as a GroupTheme: 

Materials On-site and Non-siteTheme: 

Considering the Body in Relation to Architecture & LandscapeTheme: 

Considering Body in relation to Landscape & Spatial RelationsCity as Site
Visiting Artist for "City as Site" Program
Funded by National Endowment for the Arts, I was invited by artist and curator Maria Gaspar to teach 14 young artists (ages 14-18) from to utilize the city of Chicago as a site.

Title: "Tuning the Body Like an Instrument"

Goal: Integration of body and mind with environment through energy awareness

1. Duration: set time vs. event time/ endurance
2. Trace; Measurement; Document
3. Performing Rituals/ Identity/ Absent Body
4. Private/ Public
5. Landscape

Please see the folder titled "text" for further information as well for words written by program assistant Emily Grelck.