Key Notes

In collaboration with Narelle Jubelin
"Learning Modern" Exhibition
Curated by Mary Jane Jacob
"Memory as a place, as a building, as a sequence of columns, cornices, porticos. The body inside the mind, as if we were moving around in there, going from one place to the next, the sound of our footsteps as we walk, moving from one place to the next." (Paul Auster)

“In the case of [the] work, there is a challenge to thought itself, an invitation to see and to read and to meditate on the relation between these two different but related acts. More importantly, hers is an embodied art, so it is not simply a question of seeing and reading – both quite abstract, even detached activities – but of moving into, through and around work, absorbing it, being absorbed by it, responding to its materiality and feeling its presence.” (Helen Grace)